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    What is the Holy Bible ?

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    What is the Holy Bible ?

    Post  Npuagtub on 26th August 2009, 4:36 am

    What is the Holy Bible ?

    It is a collection of ancient writing about God (Yahweh).

    The Bible has 2 Parts: OLD TESTAMENT and NEW TESTAMENT.

    What is the Old Testament ?

    The Old Testament contains stories about an old agreement between God
    and the Hebrews, as revealed to their leaders Noah, Abraham and Moses.
    it also tell how this agreement worked out.

    What is the New Testament ?

    The New Testament contains stories and teaching about a new agreement
    between God and people based on the teaching and life of Jesus.

    How many book was in the Bible ?

    Catholic Bible contains 77 writings.
    Protestant Bible contains 66 writings.

    Who wrote the Bible ?

    It was written by many authors, mostly Hebrews, some unknown.

    When was Bible written ?

    It was written at different times:
    over about 1,100 years -
    from about 1,000 B.C. to 100 A.D.

    Where was Bible written ?

    At different places:
    as Palestine, Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Corinth.

    For different purposes:
    to teach religion and patriotism, to discribe the messiah.

    Why read the Bible ?

    For many different purposes as,
    to help you understand God and God's works.
    to help you know how to live and act.
    to help you know the message of salvation.

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